Spheric mirror

Spheric mirror

Spheric mirror for simple beam shaping, as a component of beam expansion telescopes or also for simple focusing tasks.

Spheric mirror are used in laser systems where in the case of small bending angles the beam should be slightly focused or defocused, for example in an expander with a so-called Z-fold. Spheric mirrors are also sometimes used as a focusing mirror in simple focusing heads.
Kugler supplies spheric mirrors of different sizes, with our without water cooling system, for telescopes, beam guiding systems and general applications. Depending on the radii, Kugler spheric mirrors are diamond turned or economically milled on flycutting machines.
While diamond turning enables radii to be kept to a few micrometer accuracy, the flycutting process yields an accuracy of one to two percent which is sufficient for most of the laser applications.


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