Rotary Table RTV-2000

Rotary Table RTV-2000

The Kugler Rotary Table RTV-2000 is a high-precision rotary table with aerostatic bearings, which is specially designed for the demands of ultraprecise measurement.
The primary application of this unit lies in the scope of measuring inner and outer diameters as a stand-alone unit, or for integration with larger measuring machines.
The table is outfitted with a high-definition angle measurement system and can thus be used as a so-called “absolute measurement system” as well as for constant rotation in the most various measurement tasks.
The use of specially machined natural granite ensures outstanding long-term thermal stability. In addition, vacuum preloading is applied so that the rigidity of the table does not change over the entire load area.
For affixing work pieces, threaded modules or optional T-slots are recessed in precision-ground support plates with a diameter of 2000 mm.

Typical Applications
  • Measurement of inner and outer diameters
  • Measurement of concentricity
  • Use as an additional axis of rotation for coordinate measuring machines
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