Resonator mirror

Resonator mirror

Flat, cylindrical, spherical and aspherical mirror, with or without water cooling, specially for use in CO2 laser resonators.

Whether CO2 slab laser with aspherical mirror or conventional resonator with flat and spherical lenses: Kugler produces resonator optics according to customer specifications for almost every laser type. Accuracy up to 150 nm PV and roughness values in the nanometer range guarantee reliable performance parameters for every beam source.
Direct water cooling, sharp scraper edges, corrosion protection, reflection enhancing coatings for resonator mirrors: All that is supplied by Kugler. Rely on our many years of experience.


- All resonator mirrors are measured 100% by using interferometers and checked for leaks (versions with water cooling).
- Resonator coatings are to be found in our coating data sheet for CO2 laser optics.


Typical Applications
  • Coatings
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