Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Roughness within the nanometer range, shape accuracy in the submicrometer range, angle in the arcsecond range - the Kugler quality assurance!

Nanometer. A millionth millimeter. This is just how smooth Kugler metal optics may be. This is important in order not to lose too much light or laser power due to scattered light or diffraction effects on the machining tracks, the diamond machining always shows. Partially the crystal structure of the mirror material is the limit of the local flatness.
Kugler uses interferometers for the non-contact measurement of all its optics: Whether shape (PV values) or roughness (Ra values), both in the production and in the final inspection, measuring instruments are available which are calibrated in line with international standards.
For roughness measurement Kugler determines the Ra and Rms values in line with the ISO standards for contact stylus instruments from the topography data of the computer-supported interference microscope KMS.

The "KUI-S" interferometer enables the easy inspection of spherical surfaces with radii in the critical range above one meter. And the focus sensor "RM 600" allows the detection of relative movements below 1/100 micrometer with a position resolution of almost one micrometer. For tactile measurement, the axes of the MICROGANTRY® GU are used for the coordinate measurement.


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