Optics calculations

Optics calculations

Design your beam path and choose mirrors with the best geometries – we will manufacture the suitable components for your system.

Elliptical mirrors, convex parabolics, biconic mirrors, or just cylindrical mirrors – all what might be needed for beam shaping in a CO2 or NdYAG laser system can be delivered by Kugler. New machining systems allow the production of non-rotationally symmetric mirrors at very moderate costs.

Or rely on our optics and beam path calculation service: We calculate, we simulate, we optimize, we measure, and we qualify. Kugler employs experienced physicists with expertise in metal optics design and manufacturing as well as in interferometrical testing. This enables us not only to manufacture a mirror geometry, but also to predict its performance in a laser system.

We use modern ray tracing software as well as dedicated physical optics propagation software, e. g. taking into account the real M2 of a laser source. Just define what a laser mirror should do – and we assist you in finding a cost-effective solution!


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