Milling with rotary table

Milling with rotary table

Machining aspheric lenses on the plano milling machine - cost-effective production with an optimal surface roughness.

Machining convex or concave mirrors on a plano milling machine, on a flycutting machine? Yes!
Instead of using the linear axis, the blank is moved on an air-bearing rotary table under the rotating disc with the diamond tool. The axes of the two rotary movements intersect at the center of curvature of the later mirror. At a distance of 20 cm or more than 20 meters. It's all about precise setting. No problem for Kugler.
If the axes of the turning movement do not intersect, you get surfaces with two different radii of curvature: toroid mirror.

They can be used as focusing mirrors with a long focal length or in approximation as elliptical surfaces. This allows the production of rotationally symmetrical off-axis aspheric mirrors with a large axis distance, which could not be produced on lathes due to the component size. Beside the application in the laser field, diamond milled spherical metal mirrors are also used in aeronautics/aerospace technology as well as in the metrology. Even the maximal mirror size of more than 700mm machinable on standard machines is an economic alternative to conventional optics processing methods (turning, polishing).


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