Milling of polygon mirrors

Milling of polygon mirrors

Facetted wheels for scanning, measuring and for machining: economic production with air-bearing indexing heads.

Facet mirrors (polygon mirrors) for scanners in counting, measuring and machining systems. Easy and direct production with a precise mechanic interface (axis fit and/or contact area): With air-bearing indexing heads on the Kugler "Flycutters" angle tolerances up to 3 arcseconds can be easily maintained. And this with an excellent surface quality with roughness values (Ra) up to nanometer accuracy.

Even components for which the precise angle between two surfaces is important (e.g. mirror surface for mounting the component; picture bottom right), are produced by Kugler on air-bearing indexing heads. These "facet attachments" (picture top right) are provided with angle encoders showing a resolution of better than 1/10,000°.


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