Measurement concepts

Measurement concepts

When designing a mechanical or optical precision part, three essential requirements have to be kept in mind: First of all, the part has to fulfill its specified function. Second, it has to be designed in a way that it can be manufactured, at reasonable costs. Finally, it should be possible to qualify, to measure the part before use.
If functional requirements are of the order of micrometers or even sub-micrometers, special care has to be taken when specifying tolerances for machining – and for measuring: Reference surfaces have to be chosen carefully to ensure proper functioning of the part - not an easy task, if accuracies both for machining and measurement are of the order of sub-micrometers. Kugler is specialized in this kind of precision mechanics and optics. Our qualified metrology engineers will assist you, starting from the moment when you specify tolerances in your drawings. Finally, we will be able to qualify, to measure your precision part conforming absolutely to its functional requirements!


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