Laser welding heads

Laser welding heads

From the simple focusing mirror holder to the complex motor-driven system with cross-jet protection.

Kugler laser welding heads with water-cooled metal mirrors are always robust and reliable for all welding applications and for all laser power classes. As a standard the LK laser welding heads are equipped with a molybdenum coated mirror for CO2-lasers, other mirror coatings allow the use in NdYAG lasers.
Kugler manufactures welding heads with different apertures from 35 mm (LK190), 50 mm (LK90) and 70 mm (LK490: upon request).
With the cross-jet nozzle recommended by Kugler, the welding head can be used for all welding applications, but also customer-specific nozzles (e.g. for laser hardening) are adapted.


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