Large size optics

Large size optics

Workpiece diagonals of more than 700 mm: Example from the Kugler special optics production.

Diamond milled components with a length of one meter, with diameters of more than 700 millimeters, turned parts with diameters up to 800 millimeters. - As a mechanical engineering company for special purpose machines, Kugler cannot only make the most of its machines in its metal optics production, but also, if necessary, quickly and economically construct new machine systems from existing components such as flycutting spindles, rotary tables and granite machine beds.

Not only the manufacturing but also the optical measurement of large components is a challenge Kugler can deal with thanks to its longtime experience. Interferometers for measuring ranges up to 300 mm, instruments which can also be used for measuring large radii, and a roughness measuring instrument, also for large workpieces, - they all supplement the usual measuring systems for "normal sized" metal optics.
Above all, large metal optics are used in telescope systems, for example in systems for measuring the cosmic radiation-induced Cerenkov radiation, but also in beam guidance elements of accelerators or in laser systems for material heat treating.


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