Integrator mirror

Integrator mirror

Laser intensity homogenization with the proven Kugler patent: Focusing mirror KIS for producing a defined focused spot, e.g. for hardening.

Integrator mirrors change the normally rotationally symmetrical or elliptical beam profile of a laser in order to produce a sharp limitation of the beam intensity on the workpiece in one or two directions in space.
A good homogenization of the intensity is striven for in the intermediate area. While two-dimensional integrators normally show a lot of single facets and are only used for longer focal lengths (starting with 750 mm), the one-dimensional integrators KIS manufactured according to a proven Kugler patent have short focal lengths.
Like parabolic mirrors, the integrator mirrors "KIS" can be manufactured economically on a diamond lathe. Focal lengths from 200 to 300 millimeter are usual.
For all facetted integrators it has to be considered that especially for the long-wave CO2 laser light fine interference structures may occur in the focus, so that often a good thermal conductivity of the workpiece material is necessary. This problem does not arise for Nd:YAG lasers.


Typical Applications
  • Parabolic mirrors
  • Coatings
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