Grid production

Grid production

Embossing masters for light guiding structures: linear structures on flat surfaces and drums (cylinders).

Milling and turning of grids for optical applications: as embossing master for light guiding structures, for Fresnel lenses, for retro mirrors. The Kugler air-bearing machining systems are installed in air conditioning cabins in order to guarantee the necessary stability during the very long running periods (typically 10 to 20 hours). Laser structured diamond tools are used, the cutter of which is drawn across the metal surface at a regular distance (from a few micrometers to the millimeter range).

Depending on the depth of the tracks, reproducible once or several times. Kugler has the experience to machine burr-free grooves for edges with optical quality in nickel, argentan and some times in brass, too.

Linear structures with V-grooves or cylindrical grooves can be machined as single or cross grid in the typical sizes up to 100 mm x 100 mm (special sizes possible) on flat mirrors; Helical grooves are turned on flat surfaces or by using a special drum lathe, applied on a cylinder (maximum length one meter).


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