Ellipsoid mirror

Ellipsoid mirror

Geometrically precise imaging of a light source (e.g. fiber end) onto the workpiece; focusing in laser cutting and welding heads with integrated beam expansion.

The increasing use of laser light through optical fibers leads to an increasing demand for mirror lenses, which image the fiber aperture on a diaphragm (spatial filter), a sensor or even directly onto the workpiece. This task can be solved with the geometrical shape of ellipsoid mirrors. As for parabolic mirrors, these mirrors are manufactured on aspherical lathes. The use of an ellipsoid mirror in combination with a hyperboloid mirror (inverse paraboloid mirror) in a focusing head is also interesting.
Here in many cases an aperture which is optimal for the machining process can be set without changing the laser beam diameter or the focal length.
Choose a blank from the parabolic mirror series, give us the two focal lengths and the bending angle (incl. diagram) and we will check the feasibility and submit you an offer.


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