Adaptive mirror

Adaptive mirror

Dynamic beam and focus positioning in laser cutting and welding systems.

The Kugler adaptive mirror PL-A90/70 mounted in e.g. a 90° bending unit UE50AO, in "neutral position" has the same effect as a simple flat mirror. The mirror face can now be curved - convex or concave - by applying electric voltage to a compressed-air control valve. As for toroid mirrors, the curvature is realized in a way that the beam waist or the focal point of the laser beam can be shifted without astigmatism. Best suited for the beam waist or focus correction in welding or cutting systems.
The PL-A90/70 mirror is designed for a 90°-bending and with its aperture of 25mm covers a focal length range of +/-0.25 diopters (+/- 4m).

Further Information:
The Adaptive Mirror was tested by renowned institutes. Our Field Report on the results is provided as PDF document for download.


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