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Structuring of embossing rollers and mold inserts by microcutting

Kugler TDM and MICROMASTER® offering: Molds, dies and drums for replication techniques (e.g. embossing, molding),structuring of replication tool surfaces to effect function of replicated parts, precision freeform surfaces, large-scale surface structuring of embossing rollers for polymeric foils...

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Kugler brings ultra-precision diamond turning to a new level

Aluminum with a nickel-phosphor plating: This is a material combination that is lightweight, scratch resistant, and can be diamond machined to surface roughness values (rms) of 1 nm or less.

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Precision- and Micro-Machining for Optics and Laser

The advantage of metal optics over glass lenses is the possibility to integrate directly mounting pads, cooling systems, or references surfaces. This often simplifies the design of housings and optical systems.

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Till Kugler

Till Kugler

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Special Machines

Many noteworthy universities, research foundations and institutions entrust us with the manufacturing and development of new, revolutionary technologies. Our special machines and systems are thus often developed to the standards of tomorrow. Ask the experts, for as Kugler says: INNOVATION BEFORE TRADITION!

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Balance Experiment Platform BEP-200

The Balance Experiment Platform BEP-200 is a multi-axis platform with aerostatic bearings for analysis of the effects of very small imbalances in the manufacturing of optical surfaces by means of diamond cutting.

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5-Axis Machining Center MM5X with hydrostatic bearings

CNC controlled, 5-axis machining center for micro chip removal, freely programmable, with linear motor drives and oil bearings.

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X-Y-Z Gantry Table

X-Y-Z Gantry Table with aerostatic bearings in a modular design for the highest precision in the smallest installation space.

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